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Department of Nuclear Medicine


The Department of Nuclear Medicine ( performs cutting-edge research and comprehensive education through collaborating and networking with outstanding researchers and international parties. Fifteen faculties and over 40 researchers with backgrounds in medicine, physics, chemistry, pharmacology, and biology get involved in multidisciplinary researches. The clinical research improves patient care by developing, applying and conducting clinical trials for new materials and methods using PET/CT, radiopharmaceuticals, imaging analysis, brain receptor imaging,?and radionuclide targeted therapy. The research topics in basic nuclear medicine include the development of new radiopharmaceuticals, new technologies for the analysis of nuclear imaging, and new equipments such as PET/MRI and small animal PET. Another important advanced research field is in vivo molecular imaging which detects the expression of specific genes, biomarker, and cell trafficking using optical imaging, nano-particles as well as radioisotopes. Our department was designated as IAEA Collaborating Center for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging for research and training at December 2004. We are proud that all the faculty members act as international leaders in advanced research, education and training.


Recent research topics


* Translational research using multifunctional nano-particles for optical/PET/MRI imaging and drug or gene delivery

* Translational research of targeted imaging & therapy using?reporter genes, peptides, aptamers and microRNAs

* In vivo cell trafficking of stem cells or immune cells using bioluminescence, fluorescence, radio-labeling, and MRI technology

* In vivo molecular imaging of neurochemistry and neuropsychology

* Developing PET/MRI, animal PET & SPECT, and image analysis softwares

* Developing novel radiopharmaceuticals targeting heart, brain, inflammation and diverse cancers

* Test of biodistribution, pharmacokinetics, and efficacy of new drug (including small molecules and bio-drugs) using in vivo imaging

* Clinical trials using angiogenesis PET for cancer and amyloid-beta PET for Alzheimer’s disease





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