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Research in the Department of Radiation Oncology encompasses three major fields of the radiation oncology – basic and molecular radiation biology, radiation or medical physics, and clinical radiation oncology. The biologic research with core activities doing in Cancer Research Institute, encompasses radiation response modulation. The first area is radiosensitizatin of the malignant cells in vitro and animal tumor models using epigenetic modulation of acetylation or methylation, small molecule inhibitors or cytokines, and siRNA. The second area is protection or down-grading of radiation-induced toxicities in the various normal tissues as the skin or salivary glands.


The physics research, mainly undertaken in association with a postgraduate course of Radiation Applied Life Science for non-MD students, has special interests in gated radiotherapy, QA procedures for high-energy radiotherapy, image-guidance in radiotherapy, Monte Carlo application in radiation medicine, medical application of radioisotopes. The students works in a Building of Science and Technology and in the main Hospital wing. The clinical research has very diverse fields in oncology and radiation oncology. Clinical studies in each phases, multi-institutiona studies, and nation-wide web-based Patterns-of-Care studies.


All these research activities has common goal of increasing “therapeutic ratio” of radiation therapy in cancer patients and better understanding of cancer cell biology


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