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Vision and Mission: Beyond & Ahead


Seoul National University College of Medicine is credited to be the Hall of Pioneering Biomedical Research and Practical Intellect



Seoul National University College of Medicine is dedicated to

  • Cultivating humane leaders of principle
  • Leading biomedical sciences with creative research
  • Building a healthy society through participation and outreach


Key Objects and Tasks

Sharing Value

  1.  Fostering Pioneering Physicians

  • Systematic recruitment of human resources
  • Innovation of education programs
  • Fostering pioneers in diverse and uncharted fields

  2.  Cultivating MD-Scientists

  • Reformation of graduate school systems
  • Integrated programs for physician-scientists

  3.  Spreading of Knowledge

  • Enhancing the public’s health knowledge
  • Continuing professional development for medical personnel
  • Knowledge sharing among biomedical scientists

Pursuing Excellence

  1.  Creating Masterpieces in Biomedical Research

  • Supporting long-term studies
  • Nurturing strategic research areas
  • Invigorating collaborative and multidisciplinary research

  2.  Rebuilding Organizations and Infrastructures

  • Establishing transparent and equitable organizational management systems
  • Setting role-driven organizational culture
  • Improvement of campus facilities and strengthening relations with main campus

  3.  Pursuing an Innovative Breakthrough

  • Long-term planning and change management
  • Enhancing international prestige
  • Improving financial and administrative autonomy

Global Contribution

  1.  Establishing Healthcare Agendas

  • Healthcare systems policy research
  • Community-based healthcare education and research
  • Planning programs for preparation of the Korean Unification

  2.  Building Global Collaboration

  • Training international human resources for healthcare
  • Building an international health education and research network

  3.  Contributing to the Biomedical Ecosystem

  • Supporting biomedical technology startups and industrialization
  • Establishing Industry-Academia-Medical Center collaboration models


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