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Kang, Daehee 강대희사진

- Research in Dr. Kang’s laboratory, also known as the Molecular & Genomic Epidemiology Lab (MGEL) focuses on molecular- and genome- epidemiological study for cancer etiology and prevention. Cancers of interest included breast, gastric cancer, childhood leukemia. 
- The candidate gene approach and high-throughput technology like GWAS are used to identify gene-gene and gene- environment interactions in cancer development and prognosis. 
- The main research areas inof MGEL include genomic cohort research, in breast cancer. 
(1) Since 2004, we have been conducting the Large-Scale Genomic Cohort Study (includes 300,000 healthy subjects), that is one of the largest cohorts in Asia which can do pivotal role in evaluating the genomic variation, environment, gene-environment interaction and risk of diseases. This large cohort can also be the most significant resource for biomarker discovery and validation.
(2) The second research area in MGEL is the breast cancer study. Since 1993, we have estimated the risk between genetic variation and breast cancer according to the estrogen and the progesterone receptor status. Our work also stretches to areas in epigenomics and the pharmacogenomics (pharmacogenetics).


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