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Public Mask Purchases for Registered Foreigners
  • 카테고리미분류
  • 작성자medicine
  • 날짜2020-04-23 15:12:13
  • 조회수460

As of Monday, April 20, registered foreigners (foreigners who are residing in Korea with alien registration information) can purchase public masks, regardless of subscription to Korean National Health Insurance.


1. Effective Date: 0:00, Monday, April 20 

2. Target: Registered foreigners (regardless of subscription to Korean National Health Insurance)

3. How to Purchase: In the same way that Korean nationals do, registered foreigners can purchase two masks per week, based on "5-day rotation system for mask distribution*.”

* Depending on the last digit of your birth year, 

Monday: 1, 6 / Tuesday: 2, 7 / Wednesday: 3, 8 / Thursday: 4, 9 / Friday: 5, 0 / Weekend: Those who could not purchase masks during the weekdays

(e.g. Born in 1995, purchases can be made only on Fridays or weekends)


4. Required Documentation: ARC or residence permit 

5. Where to Purchase: Pharmacy (all regions), Nonghyup Hanaro Mart (except for Seoul, Gyeong-gi), post office (Daegu, Cheongdo, and small local districts)



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