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The fundamental understanding of medicine is derived from a complete comprehension of physiology which elaborates the logic of biological life. The Department of Physiology, here at Seoul National University College of Medicine is composed of 11 faculty members (8 laboratories) and about 80 graduate students, researchers and research professors. Most of students of the Department of Physiology pursing their MS-PhD combined degree program are also currently affiliated to the Department of Biomedical Sciences.


The undergraduate program of College of Medicine encompasses a wide range of classes including Anatomy and Physiology (5 credits) and Basic Neuroscience (3 credits). It also provides many other courses for research, pre-medicine, liberal arts and other supplementary fields.


The faculty, researchers and students in our department are conducting researches in various areas such as neurophysiology, cardiovascular system, ion-channel electrophysiology, cell signaling network, and epigenetic-proteomics. We utilize multiple techniques such as conventional histophysiological molecular and optical physiological methods, patch-clamp and behavior tests.


The Department of Physiology seeks to understand body’s organ system in an integrated frame, “from molecules to organs.” Furthermore, we have been preserving the academic tradition of logically approaching our body’s physiological function and pathophysiology. Majority of faculties have been conducting research projects supported by government funding. In the last 10 years, the Department of Physiology has running national research centers including MRC, SRC and BRL. Our completion of above series of privileged research program reflects our outstanding capacity in research and implies our contribution to the prosperity of biomedical sciences.


Recently, we have expanded the size of our department. We are now located at Yeon-Geon Campus, Seoul National University College of Medicine. Laboratories are placed through the campus, Basic Research Building (7th Floor), Biomedical Science Building and Convergence Science Building (5th Floor).


We highly encourage you to visit the individual laboratory websites by clicking on the links to learn more about specific research fields and on-going studies.


Basic Research Building : National Research Laboratory for Cell Physiology (Won-Kyung Ho, Suk-Ho Lee), Laboratory of Neurophysiology (Sang-Jeong Kim, Yong-Seok Lee), Neural Circuits & Behavior Laboratory (Myoung-Hwan Kim)


Biomedical Science Building : TRP Channel Laboratory (In-suk So), Molecular Physiology Laboratory (Ju-Hong Jeon), Molecular Physiology and Chromatin dynamics (Yang-Sook Chun), Laboratory of Neural Functions and Bio-imaging (Sung-Hoe Chang)


Convergence Science Building : Laboratory of Cardiovascular Physiology and Ion Channel Signaling (Sung-Joon Kim, Yin Hua Zhang)


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Location: Basic Research Building (7th Floor).
Staff: Go, Minji (Office Tel: 740-8233)
Chief Professor: Dr. Kim, Sung Joon (Office: Convergence Science Building 505, Tel: 740-8224, 8230)


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