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In October 1946, under the order of the establishment of the National University, the Gyeongseong Imperial University School of Medicine and Gyeongseong College of Medicine were merged and the Seoul National University College of Medicine and Department of Anatomy were established together. Until 1974, the number of classes taken by the Department of Anatomy was more than 50 percent of the total number of hours for the first year medical students. Although the number of classes decreased due to changes in the curriculum since then, the Department of Anatomy has contributed enormously in basic medical education and provided the first step and foundation to learn basic knowledge and professionalism as doctors. The Department of Anatomy is responsible for lectures and practices in Anatomy, Introduction of Histology, and Basic Neuroscience, and also in many basic and clinical block lectures. Ten professors of the Department of Anatomy are actively engaged in research activities in various fields of biomedical sciences. Professors are participating in graduate programs, Biomedical Sciences and Anatomy majors. Professors are actively engaged in researches of cellular immunology, molecular immunology, cancer immunology, and cancer biology, and recently an expert in the field of molecular imaging has been recruited to synergize the research activities. In addition, there are active researches in the neuroscience fields including central nervous system development, and metabolic control through modulation of central nervous system pathways. Paleoanthropology/Physical Anthropology, which combine the tradition of anatomy with the latest molecular biology, are also actively performed through global research collaborations. The Department of Anatomy of Seoul National University College of Medicine is actively working to foster future biomedical scientists and medical doctor-scientists who will lead the future by conducting joint researches with a number of clinical departments.


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