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The mission of Department of Medical Education is to nurture competent professionals that lead the advancement of medical education in Korea. The Department focuses on the following areas; physicians training system, medical student selection, development and evaluation of medical curriculum, medical student advising system, postgraduate medical education, continuing medical education, faculty development and the organizational changes of medical schools and hospitals.

The Department strives to invigorate leading institutions in medical education – Korean Association of Medical Colleges (KAMC) and The Korean Society of Medical Education (KSME) – and to support the healthcare system of countries in Asia-Pacific region by providing technological and institutional strategies.

Since March 2012, the Department has been comprised of 2 faculty members, Jwa-Seop Shin and Seung-Hee Lee along with the graduate students that hold academic credentials in medicine or education. All the members are devoted to the on-going research and policy on the medical education field.


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