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SNU College of Medicine aspires to become the world’s  Best.
Seoul National University College of Medicine has one commitment: providing high quality education for 1,600 medical undergraduate and graduate students. We do this while carrying out medical research and actively engaging in global academic affairs.
Our future medical professionals strive to build their capacity to save lives and contribute to advancing the field of medical science. We have no doubt that our students who are studying under in favorable academic atmosphere can be nurtured into specialists filling pivotal roles in the international health and medical community.
After finishing their 2-year study for Preliminary Medicine Courses acquiring basic knowledge and building up the right character, they undergo 4-year main programs designed to equip them with holistic perspectives essential to properly treat diseases and provide high quality care to patients. Our professors, with the world-class capacity in their respective areas of expertise, carry out a variety of research activities while diagnosing and treating patients at our hospital. In addition, through our Health and Social Policy Office, they are making great contributions to global health and medicine while conducting a variety of studies and developing health policies in preparation for the future of reunified Korea. Even as we actively promote medical research, our university is committed to meeting its social responsibility.
We are widely acknowledged to be number one in Korea when it comes to training medical professionals, but we never stop holding ourselves to higher standards. Our goal is to continue taking leaps forward so that we can be recognized as one of the top medical schools in the world. To this end, we keep strengthening our investment in promoting basic medical research and multi-disciplinary partnerships to take leadership in biomedical science. While following in the footsteps of our predecessors who have achieved great milestones in the history of Korea’s health and medicine, we are taking further steps in our inspiring journey of fulfilling our academic commitment.


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