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Research of the Month

Research of the Month List
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21 Research of the Month, February, 2020. Development and validation of a next-generation sequencing-based multigene assay to predict the prognosis of estrogen receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer 378
20 Research of the Month, January, 2021. Dopamine dysregulation in psychotic relapse after antipsychotic discontinuation: an [18F]DOPA and [11C]raclopride PET study in first-episode psychosis 454
19 Research of the Month, December, 2020. Ssu72 regulates alveolar macrophage development and allergic airway inflammation by fine-tuning of GM-CSF receptor signaling 543
18 Research of the Month, November, 2020. Persistent Activity of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 5 in the Periaqueductal Gray Constrains Emergence of Chronic Neuropathic Pain 673
17 Research of the Month, October, 2020. The New Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Prostate with Watchful Waiting Database: Opportunities and Limitations 674
16 Research of the Month, September, 2020. Aggresomal sequestration and STUB1-mediated ubiquitylation during mammalian proteaphagy of inhibited proteasomes 964
15 Research of the Month, August, 2020. Efficacy and Safety of Ursodeoxycholic Acid for the Prevention of Gallstone Formation After Gastrectomy in Patients With Gastric Cancer 776
14 Research of the Month, June, 2020. The Long-term Effects of Metformin on Patients With Type 2 Diabetic Kidney disease 1148
13 Research of the Month, May 2020. Improved Accuracy in Optical Diagnosis of Colorectal Polyps using Convolutional Neural Networks with Visual Explanations 1194
12 Research of the month: April, 2020. Non-invasive in vivo imaging of Caspase-1 activation enables rapid and Spatiotemporal detection of Inflammatory diseases 1496


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