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고정민 Ko, Jung Min사진

Dr. Jung Min Ko is a pediatrician and a specialist in clinical genetics. She is currently the associate professor of Pediatrics at Seoul National University College of Medicine (2011~). She received the M.D. at Ewha Womans University (2001) and was trained in pediatric residency training program at Asan Medical Center (2002~2006). And, she performed clinical and research fellowship at the Medical Genetics Clinic & Laboratory at Asan Medical Center (2006~2009) and received the Ph.D. Ph.D. at University of Ulsan (2009). She also worked as acted as an assistant professor of the department of Medical Genetics and the Clinical Genetics Laboratory in Ajou University Hospital (2009~2011).
Dr. Ko has been interested in rare inherited metabolic diseases and congenital malformation syndromes. She also has tried to understand the pathophysiology and underlying genetic mechanisms of genetic syndromes and other rare genetic disorders. Her current research interests include searching causative genes in rare genetic disorders using the newest genetic technologies.


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