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The Department of Health Policy and Management was founded for research and education in 1987 for the first time in Korea. The mission of department is to analyze the issues of health care environment, to understand its underlying mechanism and to develop comprehensive policies by adopting knowledge and methodology of social science and humanities based on medical science.

The research activities of the Department of Health Policy and Management are divided into two main areas: health policy and management and the development of community-based health program and system. In the area of health policy and management, the faculty is involved in the development of health resources, national health systems, health care delivery systems, health care financing, health care management, etc. Recent additions to the research activities include economic evaluation of health programs, technology assessment, and evidence-based health policy. In the area of community-based health programs and system development, the faculty members work on a project in affiliation with the District Health System based on Primary Health Care (DHS), which has been operating as a demonstration project in a rural district since October 1988.

Major research activities in the Department of Health Policy and Management in 2008 are as following: - undertaking the projects of the Center for interoperable EHR (Electronic Health Records) - management of the Central Mental Health Supporting Committee - conducting interview survey on community health - analysing and developing the model of the adequacy of health insurance reimbursement system - reviewing the DRG payment system - developing information system for the management of chronic diseases - assessing the accessibility of emergency care system in underprivileged areas - developing policies of integration, management, and prevention for Injury Surveillance System - improving Medical Rehabilitation System for Persons with Disabilities and etc.

The department's rigorous teaching programmes encompass the education for medical school students, doctoral research for graduate students, and medical residency training.

For medical school students, we provide following lectures: Introduction to Medicine in the 1st semester of the 2nd year of preliminary courses for medicine, Patients/Doctors/Society 2 for the 1st year and Patients/Doctors/Society 3 for the 2nd year of medical school students. For the 4th year medical school students, we prepare the curriculum on Electives on Community Medicine in the 1st semester, Electives on Medical Research, Health policy management and New Horizons in Medicine in the 2nd semester .

In keeping with its emphasis on research discipline for graduate students, the department offer regular academic seminars. In the 1st semester in 2008, we had seminars on Research Methodology of Health Policy Management by Prof. Shin, Youngsoo and Understanding the Quality of Healthcare by Prof. Kim, Yoon. In the 2nd semester in 2008, there were conferences on Seminars on Health Policy instructed by Prof. Kim, Yong-Ik and Seminars on Community Medicine taught by Prof. Kim Yoon.

For medical residency training, we held rigorous seminars five times a week such as Topic Review, Friday Policy Colloquium, Book Reading, Seminars on Epidemiology, Literature Review and Sociology. Invited guest experts shared their knowledge on current research and policy trends in Staff Lectures. Besides, we had several other short-term lectures and seminars on various fields and topics.


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