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정준호 Chung, Junho사진

Our laboratory is concerned with problems in molecular biology, immunology and medicine. Many of our studies involve studying nature's strategies in creating antibodies and improving them, or inventing new approach to prepare antibodies with specific functions, such as destroying cancer cells or blocking metastasis. 


A major focus of our laboratory is expanding antibody binding site on protein into non-natural epitope regions. To achieve this, we grafted a protein interaction motif into a paratope region of human antibody and successfully generated antibody specific to non-epitope region of an integrin. And by immunization of a protein complex, we produced antibodies against an epitope induced on one protein of the complex through protein-protein interaction. 


Our work stretches to optimization and utilization of antibodies for therapeutic purposes. To accomplish this, our group has developed a unique streamline work-flow covering humanization, de-immunization and process optimization. Two of our antibodies, anti-HGF(hepatocyte growth factor) antibody and anti-VCAM1 antibody showed efficacy in animal experiments and are expected to enter preclinical trial in near future. 


Other focus of our laboratory is developing antibodies to small chemicals or post-translational modifications on proteins for in vitro diagnostic or research applications. Enzyme immunoassay against a nicotine metabolite and amygdalin was developed to detect the second-hand smoking and poisoning, respectively.


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