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Notice on the selection of residents of Global Center SNUCM Int’l House in 2019

* Online Application & Document Submission period: Dec. 03, 2018 - Dec. 07, 2018


* Please keep the application period. Even if you apply in the website, your application will be cancelled if you do not submit all ''document''s in time.

* Online application will be opened for 24 hours during the period, except Dec. 07. 2018. (application will be valid until 5 pm on the last day).     

* Documents will be submitted by Dec. 07. 2018. 6 pm

* Students can stay at Global Center for one year, and should apply again for another one-year’s stay. Therefore, current residents should apply also to be selected.


* Post-doctoral course cannot apply by online. Please contact to 740-8056/8059.

* Qualification : Int’l Graduatue Students who plan to study at Yeongeon Campus in 2019.


*The qualified international students will be considered first. However, if there are vacancies, Korean students will be considered.


* Tran''script'' of academic record (only for those as follows)
   - Freshman who was admitted to Graduate School in September 2018 or will be admitted in March 2019
● Students in Master course: Undergraduate’s tran''script''
● Students in Ph.D. course: Master’s tran''script''



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