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Open a Bank Accont

It is advised that you open a bank account in order to keep your money safe and make depositing/withdrawing your money convenient. What you will need to open an account is your passport and Foreign Registration card. You will need to provide your local address and fill out an application form. Be sure to get a bank book for keeping a record of your transactions, and a check card for using ATMs.

Use of ATM

For the convenience of SNU members, there are ATMs around campus. You can withdraw and deposit cash with the check card issued by your bank. You can also use the same machines to get cash advances with your credit card. Withdrawing money from your bank's ATM is free during normal business hours (9:30 a.m.~ 4:30 p.m.) and only 10,000 KRW or higher bills can be withdrawn from the ATM's. With the ATM's you can also transfer money to another account and make payments to others. Note that ATM services after business hours or use of another bank's ATM machine will require you to pay a small surcharge, around 1,000KRW.

Location of Banks

NONGHYUP 1st Floor, SNU Language Education Institute building Tel: 02-742-8126 

SHINHAN BANK 2nd floor, SNU Hospital Main Building Tel.82-2-745-0601 

1st floor, Hamchun Hyegwan (SNUCM Alumni building) Tel.82-2-3672-5817

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