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1. Registration Procedure 

Foreign residents can register for the National Health Insurance from the day that exceeds three months after entering into Korea. But, in the case of overseas Koreans or foreigners who will definitely stay in Korea for longer than 3 months for reasons of studying or employment, the day that they entered Korea is applied. To applying for the insurance, you have to visit the National Health Insurance Corporation headquarters or one of its branch offices with one copy of your foreigner registration card and certificate school enrollment(students)/employment(faculties & researchers). Once you register for the National Health Insurance you will receive the Health Insurance Card to your registered address. Insurance fee are approximately 65,000KRW for faculties holding an E-1 visa and 35,000KRW for students holding a D-2 visa, which must be paid monthly. 

It is advised that you to register earlier as billing is retroactive to the date you registered your residence in Korea.

2. Registration for Faculties and Researchers

Most international faculties and researcher employed in SNU who finished foreigner registration at the immigration office will be automatically registered for the National Health Insurance as employment insurance. As the registration of National Health Insurance for employee is imposed by law, it is not possible for you to cancel your health insurance while you are employed at SNU. You may be asked to fill out an application form and submit required documents. Then, application will be submitted from your department to the relevant organization. 

In case your employee contract doesn't include an obligation of registration for the National Health Insurance, you need to apply for one by yourself at the National Health Insurance Corporation. 

3. Registration for Dependent Family

Registrants of National Health Insurance can add their family members (Spouse, Children, and Parents) under their name as a dependent family. For the registration, applicants are required to submit the copy of all applied family members' foreigner registration card and proof of family relationships. Submission can be made in person at the National Health Insurance Office or via Fax.

4. Branch Office Close to Campus

Tel: 02) 2171-1120 

Add: F.7~8, Changgyeongung-ro 112-7, Jongno-gu, Seoul 


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