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Money Exchange

You will need some cash in local currency for transportation fares, food, etc. You should go ahead and exchange some cash at the Incheon International Airport. Exchange rates are almost the same as those provided by the banks in the city. You can withdraw local currency from the ATMs, but only the "Global ATMs" (cash withdrawal machines) accept foreign credit cards. We recommend that you withdraw enough cash to last you for the next few days, as "Global ATM's" are not common in the city.

Telephone Cards

We suggest that you purchase international telephone cards at the airport, since they are not available for purchase on campus and it is difficult to find them near SNUCM.

Modile Phones

To rent a mobile phone, you can choose from one of the three mobile phone service providers: SK, KTF, and LG Telecom. SK has a rental service counter on the first floor of the Incheon International Airport, and also both KTF and LG have rental service counters located on the first floor of the Incheon International Airport. You will need your passport and credit card to apply for phone rental services.

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