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Elective Program for Visiting Students, 2019


Seoul National University College of Medicine (SNUCM) runs an Elective Program clinical elective placements for visiting students. Placements are undertaken at Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) located in Seoul. Successful applicants will observe doctors as they do their work and will get explanation about the various patients and situations.


1. Eligibility

Foreign medical students currently enrolled in penultimate year or final year who have completed the prerequisite core clerkships in their home institution


2. Required Application Materials

□ SNUCM Application form along with a photograph taken within the recent 6 months (download)

Application Form 2019.docx

□ Curriculum vitae

□ Official letter from Associate Dean for Academic(Student) Affairs or Dean at home institution that states:

   - the student is currently enrolled and is approved of taking the elective program

   - the expected date of graduation

   - good academic standing

□ Official transcript of academic record (in English)

□ Immunization Record Form (download)

3.Immunization record_2017.docx

3-1.TB Screening Questionnaire_201609.docx

□ Copy of passport


※ Note

1) Visiting students are responsible for obtaining any travel and health insurance.

2) Obtaining a Visa is the responsibility of students.


3. Submitting the Application

All documents must be received at least 3 months prior to the date you wish to start and should be submitted in original hard copy by mail. We do not receive application for 8 months to 12 months prior to desired period.


Address to send: Room #205, Administration building

           Seoul National University College of Medicine

           103 Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03080, Korea

※ Note: Students applying from partner institutions must contact the coordinator of their home institution and submit all documents to him/her. 

4. Application Timeline & Procedure


Clerkship Start Date Clerkship Orientation
January 7 2019 December 28 2018
February 11 2019 February 8 2019
March 4 2019 February 28 2019
April 1 2019 March 29 2019
May 13 2019 May 10 2019
June 3 2019 May 31 2019
July 1 2019 June 28 2019
August 5 2019 August 2 2019
September 2 2019 August 30 2019
October 7 2019 October 4 2019
November 4 2019 November 1 2019
December 2 2019 November 29 2019

- Visiting students could do the program for minimum 2 weeks and maximum 12 weeks.

- Students are required to start the program on the first Monday of each month and participate in orientation at SNUCM on the preceding Friday.

- Programs run from Monday to Friday and there will be no schedule on national holidays.

- Students those who have applied from partner institutions need to discuss about their schedule with their coordinator.


Upon the application’s arrival, it will be reviewed to verify that all requirements have been met. It takes up to 2 months to process the application. Please do not email or call asking for the result of your application during this time. Also, we note that students are not allowed to self-arrange to SNUCM. Any changes are cannot be made after approval.


5. Fees

Visiting students are required to pay a non-refundable KRW50,000 application fee and tuition fee of KRW100,000 per week. (Methods of payment will be informed at a later date.)

The application fee and tuition fee apply to the students who will start the clerkship from April 1 2019.

※ Note:  Students applying from partner institutions will not be charged application fee and tuition fee..


6. Campus Housing

Global Center : It is located 10 minute walk from SNUCM and SNUH. It is a single room equipped with pillows, blankets and towels. The kitchen and laundry are shared. The accommodation fee is KRW50,000 per night and KRW 1,200,000 per month. After students get an offer, they can make a reservation.


7. Contact/Help Information

Enquiries please contact:



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